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Meet Hostess Jo

Joanna Keel first formed “Hostess Jo” in early 2008 as an online store selling items for home entertaining. Its partner site – the blog “Let's Entertain” – followed shortly thereafter. In the meantime, Joanna continued pursuing her passion of throwing parties and showers for friends and family at various locations.

After a rough spot in the economy (and a baby, which as moms know takes up a great deal of time!), Joanna reluctantly closed the online shop. With much encouragement from her peers, however, Joanna decided to make a career out of what she enjoyed doing above all else – creating and planning memorable events. Having found her niche, Joanna reinstated her former business moniker, and you are enthusiastically welcomed to the NEW Hostess Jo – Your Creative Event Coordinator!

Hostess Jo will take your showers, birthday parties and theme parties to the next level, specializing in the event creation and decoration process (but able to assist in all other planning areas!) Tell Hostess Jo what you have in mind, and she will expand and plan. Short on ideas? Don’t worry -- Hostess Jo can start from the ground up and make your event, celebration, party or shower one to remember!

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Let's start planning your creative event-together!