A Dazzling Discovery

My 30th Birthday Fiesta!

I recently threw a fiesta for my 30th.  We had everything "fiesta"!  Decorations, food, music, etc.  It was complete with a pinata..For food I did Rotel cheese dip, fresh salsa, fresh guacamole (from a local restaurant, sshhhhh) and mini tacos and quesadillas.  Everyone loved it and it was all easy to prepare.  For the main beverage I prepared sangria from the recipe in a previous post.  It was great!

Here are some pics of the decorations-several of the decorations and paper goods I have on hostessjo.com.


For outside we used chili lights and lanterns.  The chili lights looked great at night!


For centerpieces, I filled pilsner glasses with colored sand and "30" candles.  It didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned but was still cute.


For the ladies, I provided brightly colored flower combs for their hair.  It got everyone even more in the mood for a FIESTA!


Everything was so bright and colorful.  I really enjoyed decorating, planning and PARTYING at this Fiesta!