A Dazzling Discovery
A Dazzling Discovery

Sangria Recipe

I am busy planning my 30th birthday party and have decided to have a Mexican Fiesta! I'll have photos and such up next week from it but wanted to share with you my sangria recipe. That's what I am planning to serve as one of the beverages. You can purchase the mix with fruit and spices off of hostessjo.com! I use the Brandy recipe but you can use red or white wine and omit the Brandy...

Mixed Fruit Sangria

One package of Mixed Fruit Sangria
One 750 ml bottle of red or white wine
One cup of Brandy
Cut pieces of fruit like orange, lime, apple or peach
Add a cup or so of club soda

Mix together in large pitcher, let set for a few hours for best taste. Pour in glass over ice and top with club soda. Enjoy!