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I have predicament.  I recently painted the wall behind my fireplace a burnt orange color which looks great usually.  Now I have decorated for Christmas with my usual red accessories.  It is clashing bad.  I am trying to get ideas of other colors I can use to decorate the mantel.  Right now I have red candle holders and red stockings.  Garland with red berries.  I've thought about painting the berries a green or gold if that's possible?  Here are some pics of garlands I love.


I am obsessed with anything birch bark!  It is all over my house.  I love the mix of natural items here with the sparkle of the balls.


This garland is also pretty with its frosting of white and pinecones. 

I would love to hear your ideas, if you've ever spray painted or changed your existing garland..

(photos from


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I've spray painted everything from chairs to suit jackets (yup, a suit jacket & it worked) go ahead and paint those berries! And I think green & especially gold would look great against your orange wall. Also, Martha has those fabulous fine-glitters in a ton of colors (lots of greens & Golds to choose from). Post pictures when you're done!


I love that shade of green! I'm excited to see your painted berries (since I'll want to do it after you!)

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