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I am thankful for...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here is an email I received that pretty much sums it up.

I am thankful:

  • For the teenager who is not doing dishes but is watching TV, because that means he is at home and not on the streets.

  • For the taxes that I pay, because it means that I am employed.

  • For the mess to clean after a party, because it means that I have been surrounded by friends.

  • For the clothes that fit a little too snug, because it means I have enough to eat.

  • For my shadow that watches me work, because it means I am out in the sunshine.

  • For a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, and gutters that need fixing, because it means I have a home.

  • For all the complaining I hear about the government, because it means that we have freedom of speech.

  • For the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot, because it means I am capable of walking and that I have been blessed with transportation.

  • For my huge heating bill, because it means I am warm.

  • For the lady behind me in church that sings off key, because it means that I can hear.

  • For the pile of laundry and ironing, because it means I have clothes to wear.

  • For weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I have been capable of working hard.

  • For the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I am alive.

  • And finally....... for too much e-mail, because it means I have friends who are thinking of me


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