On to New Years...
New Year's Day Brunch

New Year's Eve Party Inspiration

I will be at a cabin in the mountains for New Year's Eve so I stole some ideas to share with you from marthastewart.com for your New Year's Eve celebrations. 

What's old is new again...


Why not pass out your champagne with numbered glasses to get your guests even more excited about the last ten seconds of 2008!  Here they used adhesive numbers from a craft store.


I love using items that you already have to decorate with, like these clocks to keep up with the time for the countdown.  Or these gold and clear ornaments from Christmas (below).


Use a cake stand and group different shaped champagne flutes filled with sparkly Christmas ornaments left over from your decorations this year for an easy and "bubbly" centerpiece.  Use any colors you like, silver, gold, white and clear, etc.  You could even use pink to resemble pink champagne or a champagne cocktail.

And to toast...

Pomegranate Champagne Cocktail



  • 4 ounces Champagne
  • 1/2 teaspoon store bought pomegranate juice
  • 1 teaspoon cassis


 Pour Champagne into flute, add pomegranate juice and cassis.

Come back tomorrow for my ideas on a New Year's Day Brunch!  I have a breakfast casserole recipe you will go back to time and time again.

(photos from marthastewart.com and foodnetwork.com)