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Butterfly Craze

I love butterflies!  Probably more than most people and I've noticed they are being used everywhere!  To decorate adult rooms, kids rooms, cakes, parties, etc. They are so pretty and delicate, why not use them everywhere?  They would also be lovely at bridal and baby showers.  Here are some great examples of how you can decorate with butterflies this Spring:

Floral Arrangements


Cake Decorations






And Parties (from HostessBlog)


Please click on the links for the where and how to.  These are just a few ideas, I hope they inspire you!


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ooooo I can't wait Kendall!

Kendall @designbykendall

Joanna, Loooove the butterfly idea! I was trying to figure out how to do easter eggs or something for my baubles for spring but butterflies are such a good idea! And they last for longer than Easter.

I'm planning a post with pics from a friend's wedding who used butterflies as a key part of the decor. It's amazing and I'll be sure to let you know when I get it up!

Dionne C

How lovely are these butterflies?! Gorgeous.

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