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January 08, 2009


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Craving a cheese party now! Great info. Thanks.


Craving a cheese party now! Great info. Thanks.


I will definitely check out the book and Whole Foods, that's so neat they help you like that! Thanks for the info, Joanna

Kendall @ designbykendall

You should check out the cheese party in the Real Simple Celebrations book. It has some great ideas!


You can buy it online, but I actually checked it out from my local library!

Also, if you buy your cheese (or wine) at Whole Foods they will help you select different pairings and teach you about the cheese. Our sorority alumni group took a tour of the store and learned so much about the services they offer! It might be worth checking out before the party!

Good luck!!


Chocolate is always a wonderful idea! Thanks Chris!


I love a wine and cheese party! You may also want to offer some good chocolates to sample. Chocolate goes well with red wine. Have fun!


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