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I need your help!

I have a joint 30th birthday celebration coming up in March and I'm designing three centerpieces.  The venue they are using is already fabulously decorated but they want to incorporate "30" into the decor.  So I was thinking centerpieces. 

The venue has a rustic, Spanish feel.  There are large branches with white lights intertwined in them, Spanish style furniture, cool unfinished floors and walls and large windows trimmed in white lights. It also has paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 

The only birthday centerpieces I've found on-line are those metallic spray looking things and that's just not going to cut it here.  I would love to make something myself.  If anyone has ever seen any cool milestone birthday centerpieces, or made some yourself, please let me know!  So far I was thinking large white candles would go well with the decor but I do not know how to incorporate "30" into candles???