Camping Party!

I need your ideas!

I've got two weeks until the big three person 30th birthday party!  I think I've got all my supplies for the manzanita branch centerpieces I'm making, but I wanted to get your opinions on a couple of things. 

The branches


I went with natural and I'm going to spray paint them white.  There is a lot of brick in the room and I think white will really pop.

The containers?


This is one thing I need your opinion on.  Is this container ok for this?  It is made of paper mache and 10 inches in diameter.  I'm just wondering if it will look ok.  It's not a formal party, but these looked a tad too informal.  What do you think?

The crystals


I also have gold and silver 30s to hang from the branches.  Another question I have is what type of filler to use around the base of the branch?  What would look good with white branches, crystals and gold and silver?  Do you think something like moss or rocks would go?  Or should I use more crystals?  Because the branch is not natural looking being white and shiny, I didn't know if I should use a natural filler.

Thanks so much for your help.  I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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Lisa, I agree about the moss.
Kelcei, your tree sounds cute! I love the idea of the white rocks or gravel! Thanks.


I love, love, love this centerpiece idea, Jo!!! I saw the picture on your ealier post and it is just lovely. I did something similar to this at I baby shower I threw last year. I didn't paint the branches, but I wanted to. I just stayed natural and used tree branches with sand in the clear, block vases. I hung mini ornaments on the branches in a variety of shades of pink. They turned out super cute!

I like the container you are going to use! I would use some sort of white stone or gravel if you can find it. That way you are still being natural, but using the white theme. You could also blend in some crystals so there won't be so much white from top to bottom.

Good luck! I can't wait to see some pictures of the final product.


Me again! I just looked at your inspiration picture you posted about the tree centerpiece and I see that the container IS filled with gems or something. That does look nice!


I can't wait to see your post about the party when it is all done!!!
I love the container you have chosen for the branches. I think it gives a bit of texture. I don't think I'd use moss as a filler...somehow that just doesn't seem to fit. What about some white gossamer or a shiny fabric of some sort? I think if you put too many crystals in it will take away from the beauty of them hanging from the tree.
So there's my 2 cents. :)
Let me know how the painting of the branches goes...I've never been able to get that done properly and have given up.

Also....I need some ideas on my Under The Sea tablescape....posted on my blog. Please share if you have any ideas. Thanks. :)

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