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Wicked Theme Party Inspiration

I saw Wicked for the second time this past weekend and was reminded of just how amazing it is!  Nothing compares to seeing it in NYC but this was very close.  Not to mention my six year old niece went and it was great seeing it through her eyes too.  We both share a love of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz. 

It got me thinking about doing a party around the musical.  Here is my first Photoshop collage...I still need practice ;)


Photo credits:

Top left:  black gossamer has many uses, hang from ceiling, drape around chandelier, tie on backs of chairs

Top middle: Ticket Invitations you can personalize to your Wicked event, so cool

Top right: Green paper plates and below green napkins

Green apple martini  as signature green cocktail

Middle Wicked image from Google

Purple I Heart Oz magnets would make great party favors.

Caramel apples for snacks (for green color)

There are so many different ways you could go with this party.  You could even do a whole "Guh-lenda" themed party with iridescent items and light colors.  I would try to incorporate quotes and lyrics from the musical like "Defy Gravity" and "Popular" in your surroundings.  Printing them out on colored cardstock, framing and setting them around the room like HWTM did with her Twilight Party.  Add sparkle with green colored gems in vases or candlescapes to imitate emeralds.  HWTM demonstrates this with red sea glass at her Twilight Party.  Have the soundtrack playing in the background with posters, Playbills and programs sitting around would also add to the Wicked mood.

Have you thrown or attended a Wicked party?  Do you have any ideas on other elements to include?


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In any theme party, don't forget to serve the food with the same theme i.e. cake with the "Wicked" icing on it. Dress code can be mandatory as well for all the guests if you will. You can add the "Wicked" Music playing in the background plus the "Wicked" dvd on the tv set to create the atmosphere.

Here's a good article on theme party planning:

Cheers! Enjoy!

Leesa Zelken

I stumbled upon your fun!

I am a children's party planner in Los Angeles.

...and mom to a WICKED-obsessed 9yo--her most recent party theme...send me your email address and I'll forward some super-cool pics.


Thanks Kendall. So much to learn!

Kendall @ Kendall's Entertaining Life

You did great with your first attempt at photoshop! I love this party idea. My mom saw Wicked and has been raving about it. Now I need to go see it!

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