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May 11, 2009


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I threw a party when my greyhound turned 10! I made pupcakes and had doggie-themed food (i.e. hot dogs, pup-tato chips, soda pup, etc.) She received gifts and opened them herself (she's very talented!). I'm sure all of my friends thought I was nuts, but this had to be the craziest party reason ever and it turned out well! Best of luck with yours! :)


D-I'm laughing out loud to the red chair party! How cool and creative. I love the dogs in ties too. Thanks for your comment.


We gave our Old English Sheepdog a first birthday party last year with party hats and a doggie cake. All of her doggie friends came and a few even wore ties. The oddest party I had was a new red chair. My husband said No to the new chair but I bought it anyway. I sent out birth announcements for it and had a bris (ritual circumcision) where we cut off the tags and yelled Mazel Tov!


These are all great ideas! Happy Birthday to all the dogs! Stephanie, I love the Lion theme. Hannah-The tea party tradition sounds like so much fun. As long as you're celebrating it doesn't matter why! Thanks everyone!


We've had small celebrations for our dogs in the past (special dog food cakes, etc) but next month my dog will be 100 in dog years so we're planning a little bash for him. Love your bulldog - we have one too!


Sprocket's birthday is coming up May 25th and I want to throw him a party. So I'd love to see everyones ideas.

My idea is a lion theme, he thinks he's a lion and his favorite stuffed toy is this nasty old lion which we have replaced 3 times.

Lion dogcakes, maybe a felt 'lion' collar, playing some frisbee, a pool to play in and whatever else him and his dogfriends enjoy.

This might be the idea I stick with or I might come up with something else. Whatever happens you can check it out on my blog May 25th or 26th!


It's funny you mention this, because I'm in the beginning stages of just such a party! My "twins" turned two in February, but that's not a good time for an outdoor party, so I figured we'd celebrate in the summer.

Hannah Kane

I think a pet party would be fun (probably more fun for the people than the pets, but still...)

My family doesn't need a reason to throw a party. We organize two or three theme parties a year just for fun.

Similarly, my co-workers and I have a Thursday afternoon tea party tradition. Each week we search the date on Wikipedia and decide what we're celebrating. A Russian holiday? Leonard Nimoy's birthday? It really doesn't matter.

In both cases, the party comes first, then the reason. :)

(I blog about related stuff here: http://www.everybodysinvited.wordpress.com)

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