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I am constantly amazed by all of the different ways to arrange flowers.  Especially when they are arranged in easy to find, inexpensive containers like these little fishbowls.  I just love the simplicity of these arrangements.  Bonus-I have both zinnias and hosta in my yard.  If you don't have them in your yard they are available at most any nursery or hardware store.


These fishbowls are filled 2/3 full of water.  A hosta leaf is then curled around the inside of the bowl.  Add any flowers you like.  They used three to five per bowl here.  Then stack at varying heights.  Now you have a bright summery floral display. 

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Hillary VanderBand

Do you have any idea how stable these are??


I love this idea Joanna! I actually have fish bowls in my stock room from a previous party I did the decor for! This is fabulous :) Thank you again!

Loralee - No Fuss Fabulous

These are beautiful!

Carolyn Horten

Ahh so now I now what to do with those inexpensive vases that always seem to accumulate to what end. Love the idea of stacking them, cute find.


You share the best ideas!!! :)

Chris@Celebrations At Home

You always find the coolest stuff!


Very pretty and simple!

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