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I've been searching the web for "Pea in a Pod" or "Sweet Pea" baby shower decor inspiration.  I've found some really fun ideas. 

For the centerpieces I love this flower arrangement filled with "peas".  The "peas" are actually Kiwi flavored Jelly Bellies!  They look just like Edamame to me.  The orange flowers just POP against the green.


I am thinking of using real peas for the vase filler and filling these baby bottles with the green jelly beans for favors.


Here is more great Pea Pod decoration.  I wish I could use Poms like these but there is nowhere to hang them from.  Notice the Pea Pod Diaper "Cake" on the mantle.  How creative!  I'm going to try to construct some Pea Pods similar to this one to set on a couple of the tables.


For one of the dishes, the hostess is making this layered salad with peas!


So have you ever thrown or been to a Pea themed shower?  I'd love to hear any ideas you have!

(images:  top arrangement from via HWTM, bottles image from, pea pod centerpiece image from Everyday Celebrating, layered salad image from Kraft)


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baby hiar bows

I like the peapod theme. I'm having twins but I guess it's ok. I like the color orange, good thing you featured it with green. So perfect!


I you need to hang something from an area use Command hooks. I just used these on the celing for my son's Chinese inspired birthday party. They work great and don't leave any marks behind when you take them down. I hung a Chinese banner and it made the party area!


I did go to a baby shower for twins once and everyone got a favor with the packaging being a felt pea pod. The inside was a candy that comes in pairs - twix, skor, reeses. It was cute!


I don't know where my post just went, but
I found the picture I was looking for anyway. These favors are so cute and perfect for a pea pod shower!


I threw a baby shower for my best friend with the pea pod theme...

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