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Fall Fragrance

Well I am officially obsessed with the "Leaves" home frangrance from Bath and Body Works.  It is like autumn spices, berries and apple goodness all in one.  Delicious!  

This all started with the hand soap.  I love highly scented hand soaps.  We had people over this past weekend for a football party and my guests could not stop raving over the hand soap in the bathroom. 

Hand Soap


So I was wishing I had a candle or room spray in this scent and guess what?  They have them on the website. 



Not only do they have home fragrance in the scent, they have BODY fragrance in it.  Body wash, lotion, etc.  Do I dare? 

Body Wash


I think I might try the body wash first just in case it smells too potpourri-ish. 

What is your favorite fall fragrance for your home?  Pumpkin, vanilla, apple, leaves?