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Easy Treat

I think candy corn is my favorite Halloween treat and decoration.  We've seen Candy Corn Parfait, now take a look at these EASY Candy Corn Cookies!  Instead of candy, wrap these in cellophane and ribbon and give to your trick or treaters or as party favors. 

Candy Corn Cookies


All you have to do is knead a little extra flour and orange food coloring into your store bought refrigerated dough!  Cut with a triangle cookie cutter and dip the bottom in dark chocolate and the top in white chocolate.  Voila!

For another candy corn treat check out Tom Kat Studio's Candy Corn Cupcakes!

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Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe

These look really tasty. It must be the dripping chocolate! :)


Oh I love these! Thanks for sharing.


These look so easy to make. Great idea to wrap them in cellophane and give them to trick or treaters or use them as party favors.


These look so easy to make. Great idea to wrap them in cellophane and give to trick or treaters or use as party favors.

Renee - kudoskookies

Those are adorable. So different and they look so easy. Great idea!!

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