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"Apple" Shower Centerpiece Inspiration

I'm searching and searching for a unique centerpiece idea for the Apple Shower I am planning.  I would love to incorporate Apple Blossoms, I'm afraid they will bloom before May though.  Does anyone know anything about Apple Trees and when they bloom?  Or if I can purchase Apple Blossoms from a florist?

Here are a couple of cute centerpiece ideas from

I like how this one is smaller. For the area we are working with it would fit great.


This one is a bit more formal but still beautiful.


Ok, I'm back on the hunt...

A little something I'm working on...

I am helping plan a couples wedding shower for one of my best friends this Spring.  I am in the brainstorming stages now.  They did not want the traditional "around the house" shower because they have most everything for their home already.  They are, however, saving for new furniture so I came up with the Money Tree theme.  I'm trying to elaborate on this and so far I've been thinking about a "Tree of Life" theme, comparing their marriage to the growing branches of a tree or something to that affect.  Or the song "Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me"... What do you think?  Her favorite color is lime green.  So I was thinking of using Granny Smith apples as part of the decorations.  I've found great inspiration on (for some reason Typepad is not letting me upload the pics).  I love how they used the branches and leaves with the apples.  The only thing is I don't want it to look Fall-ish.  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them!

Here are the plates and napkins we are using from my store:



They are a pretty casual and very modern couple so I didn't go with the usual bridal or marriage theme paper goods.  This will probably be in the evening and they love mojitos, which also incorporates the green, so I'm thinking that will be our signature cocktail.