Fall Feed

A Dazzling Discovery

For those of you who like a bit of rustic style in your decorating these Metallic Bark Candles from Pottery Barn are for you! They are available in different sizes and come in white, silver or gold. I personally love the birch bark candles I bought from them last year and have several compliments on them. I grouped them on a large plate and in the fall and winter I use acorns around them and in the spring and summer I use bright green moss around them. These metallic candles would ad so much to your decor around the holidays or year round. Don't you think?


I am also loving these glass sphere candle holders.


Also for fall or year round decorating, check out these twig themed accessories also from Pottery Barn: Twig Hurricanes


Twig Wall Sconce


And Twig Bowl


Football Season

I almost forgot about football season with all the Halloween parties coming up! We had a couple of friends over this past Saturday for the games and I made a dip and used one of HostessJo.com's platters. Thought it looked really festive and colorful and I wanted to share it with you...

The dip couldn't be simpler:
Mix a packet of Fiesta Ranch with 16 oz. of sour cream-voila! I paired it with green, red, and yellow bell pepper strips and taco chips. Very tasty!


Fall Wedding Inspiration

Fall is the most beautiful time of year in my opinion. The colors of the leaves and the cooler temps are energizing. This time of year urges me to get outdoors and go exploring in nature. It also brings out my creative side with decorating inside and out for the season. While I was decorating our home this year, I started thinking about how pretty it would be to have a Fall themed outdoor wedding at night. The colors are so warm and its a great time of year for candles. The ideas are endless! It seems most people get married either in Spring or Summer. Why not Fall? With these pictures from marthastewart.com its hard not to get inspired for a Fall wedding! Enjoy!

This table setting is absolutely beautiful!

This bouquet really incorporates the colors of Fall.

These boutonnieres are my favorite-especially the acorn one.

Why not throw leaves instead of flowers?


A Dazzling Discovery

Apple Votives

I discovered this at marthastewart.com. It is such a great idea! A twist on the traditional Halloween carnival favorite: bobbing for apples.
You take a steel tub, or you could use one of those metal drink tubs, and fill with water and apples with votives in them. This would be great on a front porch for a Halloween party or for trick or treaters. It would also be great on a deck or patio. Martha's website said to test the apples first to see how they float, then mark the top with a dot. Place your votive over the dot and cut around it with a utility knife, cutting down as deep as the votive. Then spoon out apple to fit votive inside. Squeeze lemon juice into the cut part to prevent the apple from turning brown. Then insert the votive and light. What a warm inviting sight! I cannot wait to try this!


An Easy Fall Centerpiece

I am not the craftiest of people but I love crafts, especially when they are this easy. It ads a special touch when you know you made something yourself.
For this centerpiece I purchased an artificial white pumpkin, floral sponge and artificial branches with leaves, acorns and pinecones. I cut the top of the pumpkin off and inserted the floral sponge. Then I trimmed my branches to fit and inserted them. Voila! An easy Fall centerpiece that's homemade!
Another idea would be to use a real pumpkin and real flowers. You could cut the top of the pumpkin off and hollow it out. Then place cut stems from mums or your favorite flower. Just add water. You could even get smaller pumpkins and cut your stems shorter and set them around your house instead of just using them as a centerpiece. Here is a picture of my creation. Enjoy!


Another Fall Cocktail

I know there are a lot of people who love pumpkin pie-how about in a drink??? I found this on Rachel Ray mag.com. I haven't tried it yet, let me know what you think! Would be great for a Halloween or Thanksgiving gathering..

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Makes 2 drinks

Ice cubes
2 ounces (1/4 cup) vanilla vodka
2 ounces (1/4 cup) crème de cacao
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
Whipped cream, for garnish

1. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice cubes. Add the vanilla vodka, crème de cacao, heavy cream and pumpkin pie spice and shake well.
2. Dip the rims of 2 martini glasses into a bowl of whipped cream. Strain the cocktail into the glasses