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Christmas Gift Idea

I've got a great gift idea for the holidays over at!  Everyone loves candles right?  Well these are not just your average candle.  They are hillarious! (and they smell great)  They celebrate good times and bad.  Whether you need a quick fix or a pick me up, they are great for many occasions.  Aromatherapy Interventions, 100% Soy candles are not just any candle. They are true aromacology. Insightful and unique. Approximate burn time: 50 hours.  Here are a couple of my favorites!





Great Hostess Gift Idea

With the holidays coming up there are going to be a lot of parties to attend.  Its time to start thinking about gifts for your hosts and hostesses!  It does not have to be something expensive.  There are many choices out there but this one from Martha Stewart is one of the most unique ones I've seen! 

Instead of bringing the usual bottle of wine to your hostess, why not give her a Wine-Label Album Kit?


Tools and Materials
Wine bottle with label
Basket of your choice
Clean cloth
Label savers
Bone folder (optional)

Wine Label Album How-To
1. Wipe label with a clean cloth, and be sure it's dry.
2. Use 5-by-6-inch wine-label savers from Wine Enthusiast.
3. While holding pull tab, remove the protective backing of the label.
4. Carefully position sticker on the label, leaving 1/4 inch around the edge.
5. Use a bone folder or other hard tool to press sticker very securely onto the label, and trace the edges of the border to make sure it's sticking securely.
6. Peel back label slowly and evenly.
7. Place label in notebook.
8. With a basket of your choice, add a bottle of wine, wine-label stickers, and the label notebook into a kit.

Find wine-label removers at Notebooks for wine labels can be found at

A Dazzling Discovery

I just discovered the neatest website:!  There is a ton of info on cocktails and recipes, etc. but the best part about it is their FREE personalized liquor labels!!  You must register on their site, then you can order up to 5 FREE personalized labels a month!  My husband's 30th bday is coming up so I ordered him one for a Crown Royal bottle.  You could use these for any occasion:  birthdays, Christmas, graduation, etc. etc...Delivery takes two weeks.  I'll let you know how mine turns out!

A Dazzling Discovery

For those of you who like a bit of rustic style in your decorating these Metallic Bark Candles from Pottery Barn are for you! They are available in different sizes and come in white, silver or gold. I personally love the birch bark candles I bought from them last year and have several compliments on them. I grouped them on a large plate and in the fall and winter I use acorns around them and in the spring and summer I use bright green moss around them. These metallic candles would ad so much to your decor around the holidays or year round. Don't you think?


I am also loving these glass sphere candle holders.


Also for fall or year round decorating, check out these twig themed accessories also from Pottery Barn: Twig Hurricanes


Twig Wall Sconce


And Twig Bowl