Twisted Nests

Change is Good

Large peonies sit in nests instead of eggs!  I love the simplicity of the white flowers in the nests.  What a pretty table setting for EasterMother’s Dayweddings or “Nesting” baby showers.  These open peonies are sitting in a shallow plastic bowl of water than in a basket of twisted fern vines.  If you can’t find fern vines, I think you could buy two medium nests at your local craft store and set one on top of the other and blend the sides to get the same depth shown here.

Continue the theme with miniature peony nest place cardholders.  You could use a bud of the centerpiece flower or one that is more closed.  These items sit in a water tube within each nest.  Finish the setting with large round glasses that mimic the roundness of the nests.

Of course, you can use any flower you prefer and hopefully one you have in your own backyard!

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